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Thread: Scope for .22lr

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    Scope for .22lr

    Hi can I ask what scopes you have on your .22's. I'm looking for a new scope for general shooting and lamping and wanted a more up market scope.


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    I have a Swaro 6x42 on my Sako , can't ever see me changing it .

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    I had a swarovski x5i 5-25 on mine for a while but have used it elsewhere now. It now has a vortex 4-16 viper ffp on now.

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    I've got a opti-mate TT 5-25x50 side focus on mine only because I've got a ward700 hanging off the back. Other wise I'd put a 6x42 or 7x50 on it. Got the same on the .17hmr

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    Tried all sorts and will probably swap again at some point but at the moment I'm using a Vortex PST 6-24x50 and enjoying dialling in with it and a bit of long range practice too. Last week I was shooting a 4" steel target at 172m. 23moa elevation and 6moa windage. Was getting about a 30% hit rate but I blame the wind/ammo for that

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    I use a Meopta 6x42. Do not see the need for a variable.

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    Walther 6x42 with mildot reticule on my cz452.

    I've shot crows out to 147 yards with this setup, and can head-shoot rabbits at 80 yards all day (and night) long. Why anyone would put an expensive scope on a rimfire is beyond me . . . . .
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    I use a bushnell variable 6500 model which has a side parallax adjustment that goes down to 9m which I find quite useful. To my eyes it has excellent glass regards SBM

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    Quote Originally Posted by vizslamad View Post
    I use a Meopta 6x42. Do not see the need for a variable.
    Ditto - mine has the range finding reticle which gives additional aiming points out at 100m.

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    Simmons White Tail Classic 3-9 x 50 on my finnfire 2.

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