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Thread: List of kit.

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    List of kit.


    I've decided to get into reloading. Trying to keep the cost of ammo down. Having been on this planet a while now I've worked out something's are worth paying for and others your just paying for the name. If anyone has a list of kit needed to get the Job done, and to start me off that would be great. I won't be making a huge volume of rounds. It will be .308 and .338.

    What do I need on my ticket to get started? I take it you need permission to buy the primers, power and bullets?

    Thanks in advance

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    You don't need anything else on your ticket as long as you have expanding ammo on your good to go your rfdon gunshopwill sell you all the bits on your ticket
    Atb tom

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    Hi purdeydog,
    I've just started reloading and I went for a Lee Breech Lock Challenger kit, you will still need calipers ,bullet puller ,dies and a good reloading manual as minimum kit.
    It does become adictive, I find I shoot more just so I can reload more.
    There's various kits on the market and I think Spud does a complete starter package.
    You don't need anything on your FAC, but I think it is good practice to let your Fire arms Dept know. Just to keep them in the loop.
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    Lee breech lock challenger kit
    Lee reloading manual
    Die set for each calibre (Sizing die/s, seating die, maybe crimping die)
    Lee case trimming gauges for each calibre
    Cheapish vernier caliper (10-15)
    A bench or mobile frame to bolt the press to

    This shouldn't cost more than 250-300 dies included

    You don't need any tumblers or ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning brass because clean brass doesn't shoot any better.
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    If its 338 lap mag you are talking, it will be on the largest size which goes into standard presses. So I'd speak to someone who reloads that. All other standard rifle calibres, like your 308, I think will go through most presses with no drama. I started with an RCBS rockchucker, I remember it being a recommendation and costing an arm and a leg for the kit.

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    Great replies thanks a lot. I've been looking at the Lee kits. It's good to know that's what other people are using. With so much on the market it's hard to know your getting the right kit to start off. Think il treat myself!

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    If you're just having a go and don't want to shell out a big chunk of change try the Lee loader. 30-40 for the kit, a plastic hammer and some measuring calipers and away you go. It's much maligned by some people but I reload accurate, repeatable, factory standard or better ammo in 243 and 308. You can easily do a round a minute when you get into the flow. Using the dipper in the kit is easy and if you dip it the same every time which is not hard I get the same charge +-.1 of a grain. It loads a conservative load so your pretty unlikely to overcharge a round and blow yourself up! If you're worried you can buy a scale and weigh each charge. I've bought lots of extras like a case trimmer, a primer pocket cleaner, a chamfer tool and a tumbler but these are surplus to requirements to get started. You don't want to shell out 300 on a press etc and find that you hate reloading or more importantly the wife hates you reloading!!!

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    Make sure you have 100 rounds for each calibre on your FAC though at the very least, as bullets come in boxes of 100. The ammo quantity counts for both complete rounds and expanding bullets. As you reload though, the overall quantity remains the same (i.e: 57 loose bullets, 43 complete rounds is still classed as a total quantity of 100)

    if you want to reload a variety of bullet weights you'll need to make sure your allowable quantity is sufficient (sorry if this is teaching you to suck eggs )

    By the way, I bought the Lee Breech Lock Challenger kit for around the 150 mark. It has everything you need to get going, apart from a kinetic hammer
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    Have a chat with Mark Ellis @ 1967Spud

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    Good replies. I've just forked out on a semi custom rifle, everything but the action changed on my main hunting rifle. So makes sense to get the most accurate ammo. Hence why I've decided to try it. Think I could get quite into it. I'm just planning on replicating the factory hunting RWS ammo I use and then some match ammo for steel etc. Once I've worked that out I'll probably stick to the load. Cheers. Anyone fancy being a mentor for all the questions in my head lol

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