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Thread: Dillon 550 Reloading Press

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    Dillon 550 Reloading Press

    Has any one have a Dillon 550 Reloading Press they want to sell?
    If you have please send me a PM with details of what you have and i will come back to you.
    many thanks

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    I'm also looking for a Dillon 650 as well?
    Any one got any Dillon Reloading dies for sale?

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    I'm still looking for Dillon Reloading Equipment
    550 & 650 press any rifle dies any one may have
    condition is not an issue as long as it in good working order

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    I have a couple of 450's

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    Just bringing it back to the top again!
    Has any one got a Dillon 550 press they want to sell

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    Hi Bob.
    I have a set of Dillon .357/38 dies plus full boxed conversion kit (shell plate / pins / powder insert) if you are interested. I recently managed to get hold of a used Dillon 550 & these came with it. Best regards, Darren.

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    Hi Bob, HNY, there is one on EBay at the moment brand new boxed which, amusingly, the member is selling as she has kept it since, her 'cheating husband left five years ago' there's a salutary tale!

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    I've seen it
    It's going to make a lot of money?
    thanks for letting me know

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    I'm interested
    have sent a PM

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