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Thread: Best Bum Bag ????

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    Best Bum Bag ????

    I've finally decided to go down the route of getting a cammo bum bag after getting hooked up on a high seat and left almost dangling by the various gadgets and knife on my trouser belt! I also have so much crap in my pockets which hinder and annoy at times, as well as a rangefinder which stays a home as I have nowhere to put it!
    I've got a Harkila Roe sack which generally stays in the vehicle as I don't like the confliction with the rifle sling which is why it must be a bum bag. I've seen the bushwear one:

    and the corbieton one:
    Anyone got either of these? I quite like the water bottle addition too.
    I'm sure there must be others on the market too?
    Any feedback or thoughts welcomed.

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    Re-best bum bag

    Hi There,Well i went out and got myself a one from corbieton,35 quid delivered and well worth the price,i first come across these when i booked a day out with John robson of yorkshireroestalking,John had one and thought to myself they look a handy piece of kit,only thing is you have to trim the belt strap,they must think that everyone who hunts are "sumo wrestlers".

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    I have the Bushware one, plenty of room for drag ropes, knifes, gloves, first aid kit, camera, phone, mozzie head net, hand gel, bone saw and a few other items. I'd highly recommend it.

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    I got one from cabelas,took about a week to come,very good and worked out at only 26 with exchange rates and shipping

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    Bum bags

    Monkey Spanker,
    Like you I've got a Harkila Roe sack which generally stays in the vehicle. So I was thinking about a day pack for summer use (when you don't have a jacket to put everything in). Bushwear used to do a 15l Stoney Point one which was good (my mentor has one and it is small and stable enough to not interfere with rifle, etc..) but they have discontinued stocking it so it would be a US import. All the other day packs I've looked at seem too wide / obtrusive so I too was thinking bum bag.

    I like Rooster's option (have looked at similar but not quite so good) but at the other end of the price spectrum I found this:-

    Norrona Kongsvoll Pack
    Designed as a day pack for hunting. Sits on the hips with minimum intrusion. 10ltrs of space inside with pocket organises. A zip on the top releases a net bag with rucksack straps to carry the catch home
    Price: 69.00

    Looks excellent quality and is purpose made for shooting. Also not cammo so you could wear for treks etc.. (if so inclined!).

    I would be interested to hear if anyone on the Forum has used one of these?


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    I have a couple of bumbags which are very usefull. I have the bushwear Swedeteam bumbag in Realtree hardwoods green hd which is very good with plenty of support and padding to make it very comfy on long stalks!



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    I have the swede team bum bag from bushware, you can have a play with it when I see you next!

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    I use a black alpine Messa runner, does the job well.


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    Looks like the bushwear swede team has the edge! Some of the others look great but are a bit large for my needs. Thanks for the help in choosing!

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