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Thread: Started looking for a gundog and found this.

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    Started looking for a gundog and found this.

    Springer for sale. Must go by friday. 11 months old. £200

    Thought I'd have a quick conversation and here is the transcript.

    Hello (me)

    Hello your wife left a message on Facebook for me to call you about the dog.

    Ah yes, I just wanted to get some more information. Why are you getting rid of the dog?

    A change in circumstances. My mother has become ill and I am at college. I am coming home at luchtimes to see the dog but I feel it unfair on him and just want the best. ( Ok answer)

    Is the dog KC registered?

    Err, what’s that? (slightly weird)

    Does the dog have any papers?

    We have been phoning the breeders to try and get the papers but they won’t give them to us. ( Now bells are ringing)

    Did you see the parents?

    No, they wouldn’t let us. ( And you bought a bloody puppy from these muppets)

    Has he had any training?

    He can sit and he is house trained. I started taking him to puppy training classes but haven’t lately. ( You mean he will only sit still when you have a piece of food and other than that eats everything, which is why you thought you’d try training classes only to find out that it doesn’t cover chewing things.)

    Is he chipped?

    Yes, he is. ( Only because its the law otherwise you’d have said yes because you thought I was talking about a speed ‘chip’ like they use in them fast cars but its for faster dogs, as he is one).

    Has he had his jabs?

    Yes he has.

    Okay I’ll discuss with my wife and get back to you (yeah, in about 15 years).

    Some people.
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    That sounds about standard to me like.
    The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.

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    Sounds to me like what would of been a more accurate description on the advert
    11 month old sprocker "maybe"
    Won't do anything it's told
    Screams about at 100mph everywhere
    Pulling house to pieces
    Need to pass my problem on to someone else
    Next time you're walking down the street and see a homeless person go buy them a sandwich and a coffee, change of fate and it could be you one day !!!

    BUY BRITISH !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy milnes View Post
    Sounds to me like what would of been a more accurate description on the advert
    11 month old sprocker "maybe"
    Won't do anything it's told
    Screams about at 100mph everywhere
    Pulling house to pieces
    Need to pass my problem on to someone else
    We've named him "Hospital Pass" in advance...
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    They walk among us. I was selling a bike once . . . . . .

    'Alright mate, d'you still have the bike?'

    'Yes, it's still here'

    'What's the lowest you'll go on it?'

    'About 2mph, otherwise I fall over' . . . . . .
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    If I were in the market for a dog that one sounds like just the challenge I would accept.
    Apart from that it sounds like a dog that needs rescuing and channelling down the right road.
    There are no bad dogs just bad owners.

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    sounds like a good way of selling a stolen dog not sure id want the challenge of that dog

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    Gundog what for? namely what do you want HP for (aka Sauce)
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    If it was chipped the original owner should be able to be contacted to verify whether it was a stolen dog.

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    Not the dogs fault it's the owners I'd blame, at 11 months old it would be just ready to start training.
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