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Thread: Would you take the shot

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    Would you take the shot

    I saw these young stags ( we consider meat animals) the other morning,feeding and frigging about at various ranges from 260 - 267 metres. A few broadsides were presented and in my mind easy enough shots at that range.
    Do you UK blokes mind having a crack at targets like this,remember they are robust big *******s with a 20" square sweet spot.
    Personally I do like to get closer but if not no sweat I will bang them. I had an open paddock `tween them and me that precluded a sneak in.
    Yes I do realise some may consider it to be a bit of a snipe anyway interested in replies.
    I dont see much difference in rolling a Highland Red in the Scottish forest at a similar distance.

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    Yep definitely why not once the shot was safe which it looks like it is. Did you ?

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    Definitely. Shot is on, looks like a decent embankment behind them.
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    Yep. If you're confident enough in your ability and setup then there's no reason not to
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    If your confident at that range and your kit is spot on, can't see why not?

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    I would opt for the animal slightly further away, Wouldn't want one of those trick bullets two for one shots! Maybe take the other boy on the reload.
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    I wouldn't see a problem with any of those shots! They all look to have a safe backstop so if the shooter had confidence in his abilities and rifle setup then why not take the shots as and when they presented themselves!

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    I don't practice at that distance, but they seem safe shots so if did and was proficient I would.

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    Personally I wouldn't simply because I don't have the opportunity to regularly practice at those sort of distances, however if I was confident that I could accurately deliver the shot I might.

    A different consideration is finding and retrieving the carcase, e.g. already at 260m distance plus possibly running a 100m in an unseen direction in the woodland behind, if the OP took the shot perhaps he will let us know the outcome.

    atb Tim

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    With a solid rest, yes. Off sticks no

    Edit - not with my current set up though until I'd actually worked out bullet drop over 200 yards. The furthest I've ever had to use it on deer was a ranged 185, although I've shot further in Scotland a couple of times with an estate rifle. Mostly I shoot at ranges where it would be hard to miss a 50p coin.
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