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Thread: American Winchester 7000 field o/u m/c game gun

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    American Winchester 7000 field o/u m/c game gun

    Up for sale is a circa 1983 Winchester 7000 o/u multi choke game gun with 28 inch barrels made in America as is stamped on the barrel

    I am the second owner of this gun the first being my father who purchased it back in 1983

    it has gorgeous wood and original heal pad , engraved action that is as tight as the day it was made it has only had light game use over the last 30+ years that is consistent with its age / use
    the bores are spotless and it has a full set of 5 original Winchester multi chokes bluing on the barrels is good with a little faint wear by the muzzle

    just to confirm this gun does not say made in Japan etc it says America

    it is also stamped steel shot proofed

    the general consensus is this is a very very rare gun indeed and I could be wrong but I would say you would have to go some way to find another or so I'm led to believe

    the reason for sale is my father has given up shooting a few years ago so I had it and to be honest I don't use it as I don't shoot game and it's too nice for pigeons

    pics can be emailed or your welcome to have a look

    If if you require any other information please let me know or if you know about the 7000 series guns please comment as I can't find anything on them

    I'm asking 650 or a sensible offer
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    I had a 7000 waterfowl. A really nice shotgun, I wish I never sold It, to be honest. They are In high demand, especially In the condition you describe.
    Good luck with the sale.

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    Hi, would be interested in this , not able to send Pm (think it's due to me being a newbie on here)

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    Ive got the same model, great shotgun and like the earlier 101 very under rated IMHO.
    Good luck with the sale.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    ive sent you an e-mail,
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    I've emailed pics to everyone who has asked for them if I've missed you out please re messsage me

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    Bump price drop

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