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Thread: Devon and Cornwall Variations

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    Devon and Cornwall Variations

    How long are FAC Variations taking in Devon and Cornwall presently?

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    Longer than usual!

    I put a simple one-for-one in on 6th September and 'phoned Middlemoor last week to query progress. Was told that there were a number of large folders sitting there with variations therein awaiting attention due to staff sickness/shortage. I'm phoning again tomorrow to see how things are progressing and will update thereafter.

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    In the summer it was about 4-5 weeks. Sounds longer now.

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    Spoke to them just now and my variation (and others) are in a 'priority' pile on the desk for action next week.

    Looks as if they are coming back up to speed and normal service will shortly be resumed.

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    I put a variation in last Monday and had it back on the Friday! Very impressed!

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