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Thread: Shotgun damage

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    Shotgun damage

    Hi all, could someone help, the unthinkable happened tonight and I accidentally reversed my truck over my Watson brothers side lock shotgun, to say I'm distraught is an understatement, the barrels are bent and the stock is cracked in four places. Firstly does anyone know if I could claim on my car insurance? And secondly could someone give me any recommendations for someone who could repair the gun, new barrels and stock? Finally I know it was a stupid thing to do but please don't berate me, I feel sick as it is.

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    You poor thing. Commiserations. Do check to see if your home insurance might cover it.

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    Sports equipment is sometimes covered by house insurance, don't be to hard on yourself accidents happen
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    I am with Direct line for house insurance, I have specifically checked with the company and my insurance covers my Guns (and other items) with an away from home cover agains accident and theft so it is definitely worth checking. In my case, single items up to a maximum value of 4k and with multiple items total up to a value of 10k.

    Car insurance generally only pays out a relatively small amount for the contents of your car and that is usually for theft.
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    Unless a new gun it's a write off and I doubt they'll pay.

    I could.give you the cost of new chopper lump barrels, and to re-stock a sidelock, but it'll depress you further. In short you'll get no change from 10,000.

    I'd pessimistically suggest more like 12,500 for new barrels and re-stock on a gun that's probably a like for like worth of 2,500-3,500.

    For harsh reality is the costs of the work are the same regardless of who originally made it. The least costly option is to sleeve the barrels and re-stock.

    Also as Watson Brothers is still an "owned" name any re-barrel may customarily not be able to be done with the rib named as Watson Brothers.

    Do you have a recent "like for like" valuation of your gun?
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    Speak to Watson Brothers themselves Perhaps you could just get the stock repaired and use it for shooting around corners?
    House insurance will cover it provided you itemised it.
    Good luck

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    Thanks all, I was going to get the gun re stocked at some point as it was badly stocked a few years ago, the barrels had previously been sleeved and the cost of both when I inquired a few months ago was indeed 12500! The problem with insurance is the guns value was probably only around 2000 due to the re sleeve so the repair would be deemed UN-viable, of course the value to me as it was my grandfathers gun is priceless, I just thought I'd ask if anyone had any success with claiming for such damage.

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    I feel your pain mate. You can't put a cost on sentimental value. It can be priceless.

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    Nothing to add that will help, but mate I'm so sorry
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    Have a word with Bill Elderkin or Heritage Guns don't see it at any where near 12500

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