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Thread: Arghh! dog walkers in cover crop

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    Arghh! dog walkers in cover crop

    One of the guys on our syndicate went out yesterday for a walk around to check everything was OK and came across someone walking through the cover crop with a spaniel and Labrador off the lead putting birds up everywhere. He had no control over the dogs and they were just running amok!
    He shouted at the guy and a few choice words were exchanged, the guy with the dogs said he couldn't see what harm they were doing!.
    Apart from verbally having a go at this guy what else can you legally do. There is no footpath in that area and he is on private land. So frustrating!

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    I approach this in two ways - usually works.
    1. If the trespasser is reasonable person try to compromise, ask that he/she take a different route during the shooting season, it is only for 4 months.
    2. Inform trespasser that the crops have been sprayed with a strong pesticide and it could cause his/her dogs to go blind or develop nose cancers, incurring expensive vet bills. Any verbal abuse, threats or damage to property (birds) on private land can be considered Aggravated Trespass and is a criminal offence.


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    I have now found out where the person lives so was thinking of going around their house and using option 1, however must admit hadn't thought of option 2, that seems a good idea, thanks

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    Like the second one best, I was told once by a 'legal council' that if someone walks the same route a number of times and is not challenged, they can continue to do so. I'm still unsure of the legality of that, and would appreciate an answer as to whether it is true or not. Another answer is to say I'll follow you home feller and allow my dogs to riot/crap everywhere in your garden, they'll be doing no harm either. deerwarden

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    You are correct, but it has to proved that a particular route has been walked for a number of years, I think it might be twelve years, or even longer and it is quite a drawn out process.

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    I ask them if they are lost & inform them rifle shooting goes on and that they can not be where they are... last time I saw a dog walker with 2 labs walking in private woodland tracks he said he thought this is all public footpath... have a few signs up now with shooting in progress and private woodland....

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    Most of the time folk genuinely do not realise what they are doing. Recently a dog walker had strayed off the footpath through the farm because 'the stile is slippery', with a dog not on the lead but under reasonable control. Explained that there were a pair of young roe does that were abandoned for whatever reason (possibly a dog walker with a dog not under control!) that she had disturbed and that had run off to the other end of the next field. After explaining that they stay put with folk walking backwards and forwards on the footpath as they are used to it she volunteered that she might stick to the path in the future - job done. No confrontation - gentle explanation has to be the way to go initially.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DamDama View Post
    You are correct, but it has to proved that a particular route has been walked for a number of years, I think it might be twelve years, or even longer and it is quite a drawn out process.
    20 years use is needed to claim prescriptive rights.

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    Yes its a big problem with uncontrolled dogs.
    Often its ignorance but sometimes it bloodymindness.

    Im afraid game rearing and conservation activities
    are not compatible with constant disturbance
    by wild dogs.

    Sat waiting for foxes the other week... didnt see any foxes,
    just a crazy jack russell and two labradors questing for game.


    Did evenually find the jack russell owner,
    polite conversation but owner not bothered in least.
    He thinks Im unreasonable.?

    When you leave your dog behind, then see other uncontrolled
    dogs ruining your shoot it is annoying.

    Question is what happens when you are NOT there?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    quiet feed point

    Click image for larger version. 

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    oh dear. dogs, no owner, 400 yards from nearest footpath.

    Whats the point in investing 500 in a game crop to have trespasers
    run their dogs through it every day.

    You can only be polite and try to explain, it does work, sometimes./

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    Thanks for that, I knew it was a lengthy period.

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