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Thread: Sent off my variation

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    Sent off my variation

    Well after a big discussion on here i have sent my variation off today. I applied 6.5x55 and .223 in the end with sound mods for both and 120 to hold and 100 to buy each. It was sent off with letters say i had stalked with John off here and am going to be doing more and that i am going stalking in summer of reds so here's hoping i will get a variation back in time for the game fair as i don't have a clue how long they take


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    Nice one George. North Yorks typically only take a couple of weeks to get in touch - if my memory serves me well. You should have it sorted in time, if they seem to be running a little late just call. They're usually excellent and more than happy to help out in my experience.

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    Yeah i will leave it a few weeks. For my SGC and FAC they took about 4 weeks and i heard nothing so a polite call and had an interview booked within the week lets hope its a little faster this time although i think they will have to reassess the farm so i will have to do a quick drive around some time with you maybe whilst foxing at dusk just so you can see the lie of the land.


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    For my variation about 3 months ago it only took a fortnight with no call needed from me. We'll try to get out in the evening very soon, I'm still looking at trying to free up some time this weekend.

    In the mean time - good luck tomorrow.


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    Thanks, I only have to do 5 exams all together over about a month and a half and i had one monday one today and one tomorrow Let me know when ever you are free, chances are i will be any time from tomorrow until the 14th of july.


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