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Thread: Redding shot loading press. What's it worth?

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    Redding shot loading press. What's it worth?

    I've been offered this kit at a "fair price" but I've no idea what that price would be. It's old kit but never been used so basically brand new. Anyone got any ideas of s reasonable market value. I don't want to pay either too little or too much.



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    A few pointers. First check if it'll reload current European shotshells.

    That might sound daft but European shot shells have steel bases (with a brass wash) and may use a different primer they have a six point crimp and for traditional side by sides will be 65mm or 67.5mm. This press may be for US length shells with true 100% brass heads.

    Also check it is ALL there. A email to Redding is a worthwhile investment of five minutes of your time! To see if spares are available and if the powder charge bar if non adjustable is set up for current powders or not. Also will it work with the wads of your choice.

    Ditto shot charge bars. Worst case if you're into clays is if it has no ability to load a modern 28gram load. It may only throw 1 1/8 ounce or 1 1/4 ounce lead shot charge weights.

    Price? US eBay in completed listings is a good reference. Personally I'd ask the vendor if he used it, what for, and with what components. Some of these presses may only be good with US components. It may be unused because it won't work with what's now available here.

    Sorry it's pessimistic but many vintage reloading presses work best only with components from the same vintage. Optimistically though if you roll crimp then much I've written may be irrelevant.
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