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Thread: Ford Ranger Winch Frame

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    Ford Ranger Winch Frame

    This is a long shot but I thought it worth a try.

    Does anyone have or know where I can obtain a set of plans to construct a winch frame to fit the back of my 05 Ford ranger.

    I am after the same design as the Forestry Commission vehicles use.

    I am quite happy to purchase said plans if anyone has them.



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    Can you find an FC vehicle and film/photograph then make from that,every angle on film should do you.
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  3. #3 some ideas from this and similar websites (google search) wouldn't be difficult to fabricate something similar for a fraction of the cost.

    A non-permanent winch mounting - Superwich Winch-in-a-bag - I've found to be more versatile.

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    Not the best picture to show the winch frame I had a friend make up, but this picture taken yesterday gives an idea of design, if you wanted I could photograph it from a better angle. It can be removed with its 4 bolts, when the canopy is needed.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSCN6637.JPG  

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    Looking through the SD card in my camera, today, this shows the design better.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSCN6636.JPG  

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    Is the main frame 50mm X 50mm box tube ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferryman View Post
    Is the main frame 50mm X 50mm box tube ?
    For the work involved then what ever size box you use make sure you ask for 4-5 mm wall as you only want to build it once.

    As a fabricator it does not look a hard job, just most people make it into a black art. Up the wall thickness of the box, prep the joints well and burn it in well. When people skimp on the material and weld into wide gaps is when things don't last!!

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    Be carefull building anything tooo strong to attach to the butt, look underneath and its only held to the chassis by six 6mm bolts and bent tin

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    Thanks @TheOldGamey did your fabricator weld tubes into the 50 X 50 for the mounting bolts or did he just drill through ?

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