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Thread: Another Lovely Sussex Roe Buck

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    Another Lovely Sussex Roe Buck

    Another cracking Roe Buck from mine in Sussex taken the other evening, at 10 05 PM... There are plenty of Bucks moving onto my ground at the moment saw another two that I haven't seen before last night whilst lamping so looks like a good rut could be on the way...



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    He's a beaut - well done. I hope a few find their way to my neck of the woods soon!

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    Stop keeping all the best ones for yourself! You know who your friends are now share and share alike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want one!!!!!!!!!!

    Well done mate.


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    That's a cracking buck, nice one!

    (other) Alex

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    Nice one Alex


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    well done mate, what rut, you have got them all

    atb f.

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    Nice looking beast fella well done.

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    Well done mate great looking buck.
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Thats a beauty mate well done.

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