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Thread: UKSHA hijack of lost roe thread

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    UKSHA hijack of lost roe thread

    Well.......I dunnoe if I'm the bloody jinx or what?

    I commented on the lost roe thread .....then went out last night and ended up in similar situation .

    So roe Buck destroying farmers asparagus ...he has to go ....been few fleeting glances of him but he kept a low profile .....go to said farm ..I live next door so handy .....sit where I think I can get a safe shot with the current a couple does & as they often do the ghost has appeared 140 yds right in front of me rifle already on bipod ( grass park along a Woodside ) , I'm up on an elevated Jill shooting down into the ground .
    Beast feeding / browsing left to right , stops momentarily side on & I fire .....hear the "thump" and in the scope watch beast jump up & kick back legs out , then he hits the deck and runs to my right & out of view due to poly tunnels ....I'm thinking I'll wait 5 minutes then get carcass , thinking heart shot or rear lung .
    Walk in along grass verge no,sign ....not worried thinking it's gone into the wood and brambles .....I have my lab in the car 5 mins away go get her ....she's not trained for deer , was a grouse keepers dog for picking up etc , but she's helped me get 3 deer that run into cover .

    Now I'm thinking just get carcass but I took rifle and flashlight and dog on a normal lead ...light seriously going now goes 40yds from shot is the then turns into wood and cover 10yds and here's Buck lying under a tree , Buck up & over a burn into heavy cover brambles etc and dog yanks lead out my hand , she got 10 yds and I called her back and she obeyed .....

    So it's now last light , I've bumped a deer I thought I had hit clean & the lights now gone .... Now what ?
    The helpless feeling of waste & not wanting something to suffer

    I thought o pf UKSHA & had the number or never .

    So got hold of George ..told him the saga ....he says they have a seminar in Dalkeith next day and friend from Germany is over can he come too? More the merrier experienced hands on deck the better I thought .
    So 07:30 this morning guys arrived , head straight to area , talk thru it again and ok, dog n rifle prepped and real close going over shot site ,

    Dog showing interest in a bit in the grass, ....George shows us a piece of gut .....

    my heart sinks .....must have pulled the shot , but didn't feel like it.....anyway I'm thinkng the way it was not far from shot site under a tree when dog & I bumped it I'm know thinking towards finding a carcass ....not a still alive suffering beast sat up all night ....well I'm thinking hopefully.
    Pacha I think the dog was called a Hanoverian.... A right solid muscular beast o a thing plods on the exact track my dog did .....along parallel with wood then turns in and straight to the tree....then another 5 yds to the burn ...walks up n down working the edge but keeps returning to where the beast jumped over ....ok
    Over the burn & I say to George I pulled back at this point so can't help anymore .
    Dog works slowly through the the brambles and back towards the access road that goes through the the farm .......

    Well 5 minutes later & a total as crow flies of maybe 150yds from the shot site is the carcass .....the shot bout 2.5" to 3" too far back gut shot , but beast is stone cold so didn't suffer all night ...

    the relief at getting it , the sorrow at fecking it up & losing the venison ....I've skinned and dressed out all the ribs and green will get minced up of dog food .

    So , I didn't think I'd pulled the shot , rifle is still zero , did the beast take a step as I fired ? Don't think so but it was slowly browsing left to right & I was close to trying a shout to stop it .

    So that's the 2nd time in 12 years I've left a beast out all night because. I couldn't find it , it's not a nice feeling .

    I must thank UKSHA & George& his German pal , a real nice gent
    Unreal watching this dog do its stuff , and 10 minutes job done.

    No more tearing up the asparagus for this lad

    I do think could have found it with my dog and light this morning but how long would it have taken us ?

    I won't hesitate to call again & peaked my interest in what can be done

    Thanks again lads.

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    Nice write up & well done admitting you messed up the shot but full credit for realising what you had done & getting the experts in. A good dog is truly worth its weight in gold

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    Great work guys, a good open honest post about how it can go wrong no matter how careful you are. Well done!


    Alba gu brąth

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    Well done, a good write up, George and Pascha are the best double act since laurel and Hardy

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Well done to george and pascha again.

    Just wondering. Do u think the buck would of laid up where u moved it from the first time if u had left it longer initially before following?
    And i know its 1 of those things that u'll never ever really know, just best guess?

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    That's a fair point Countrry Boy and will make a few think about the short wait of 5 - 10 mins .Still great write up and well done to UKSHA Top job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by countrryboy View Post
    Well done to george and pascha again.

    Just wondering. Do u think the buck would of laid up where u moved it from the first time if u had left it longer initially before following?
    And i know its 1 of those things that u'll never ever really know, just best guess?

    Very possible .... highly likely I think ... o my moved as bumped when I went in to retrieve what I thought for sure was a carcass
    It was probably a good 15 minutes by time I got dog out motor & bumped it ...
    Obviously not enough ... if I had any doubts on the shot I would have waited .
    But felt good looked good , thought from the jump & rear kick o the legs it was either rear lung or heart shot but no .... zero is good I've checked it ...
    Must have pulled it


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    Interesting write up with a successful ending and good work from UKSHA, nice to know they are a phone call away.

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