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Thread: 17 WMR options??

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    17 WSM options??

    what options are there for the 17wsm , as in different makes and has anyone actually got one and what do you think of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rick1127 View Post
    what options are there for the 17wsm , as in different makes and has anyone actually got one and what do you think of it.
    You're kidding, right? Search engine. All the pro's and con's a person could ask for. ~Muir

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    wmr as the title or wsm as the post or hmr for just another option?

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    If you are referring to the new 17WSM I understand there are none in this country at present and there is some doubt as to whether there will be any at all.

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    The most common rifle chambered for 17WSM is the Savage B Mag and there are a very few kicking around in the UK.
    However, the rifle is commonly regarded as being a total dog and a genuine PITA.
    There's very little ammo available, although I heard that 150,000 rounds are due here soon.
    AFAIK, this is all being done without Winchester UK being involved.
    Ruger have chambered a model 77 in 17WSM, but it costs almost $1000 in the USA so I dread to think what it would cost here.
    3 or 4 small US manufacturers (Volquartsen, Franklin Armory) are selling semi auto rifles in 17WSM, but of course they would not be legal here.



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    whats to stop you rechamber any old HMR?

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    My RFD has loads of ammo, no rifles though!! Think I'll stick with the CZ in .22hornet tried and tested

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    Higher pressure and different bolt face would be my guess

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    Dauntsey have 2 in stock, have done for a couple of months now, if they were that good and hard to get hold of i'd imagine they'd be flying off the shelves. Bit like the ruger precision they seem to be answering and enquiry or selling one every time I'm in there!

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    They would fly off the shelf if we had American pricing. Wallmart had an offer of $150, the regular price
    is $295. they must send someone over to collect the guns 1 at a time and charge the airline ticket to the purchaser here

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