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Thread: Hilux dog gaurd/storage solution.

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    Hilux dog gaurd/storage solution.


    Looking for ideas for the back of the Hilux for keeping the dog secure, ie just a dog guard so I can use a raised platform to keep him and his bedding clear of the load liner.

    I have a K9 double box at the minute but will not be using this as I will have the hardtop on the new wagon plus the fact that it takes up too much space.

    Just really looking for ideas where I can keep a good bit for storage but at the same time keeping him secure.

    Would appreciate any pictures or ideas you may have.



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    Mates father made this wooden raised floor then two drawers underneath one for fishing stuff, one for. Shooting stuff since laid rubber on the top for non slip for the dog ,
    My mutt seemed to like it !

    Any joiner could do it neatly & way cheaper than commercial options

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    That's very similar to what I'm looking for. I would have it set further back and raised enough so I could store equipment ie waders, shooting sticks etc underneath his bed and also have enough space for a carcass tray and possibly have a full width guard instead of the cage. But very nice and definitely serves a purpose.



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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Toyota hilux ,plenty of room underneigh for rifle bag and carcass tray and plenty of room on top

    the cage is a lintran its relatively shallow as was originally for a freelander and ideal for a lab

    just too note I can get a full size pallet underneigh going in longways and I can get a full size pallet on the top sideways so there is a huge amount of room with the cage in
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    Yep, same idea Mark, I think I will have it set back a good bit though. I will have to see if I can knock anything together. I'll also try and source a dog guard to fit.

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    When I was sorting out the back of mine I went the other way. Split down the middle. Left hand dogs right hand storage. I can get decoy box, game or deer trays, suitcases and all manner of stuff down one side and have had five dogs comfortably in the other, 3 spaniels, 2 labs, my own three spaniels regularally travel in their bit. If warn the other side window can be left open. Built it rough a couple of years ago. Intend to do in better wood and put a drawer in but will I ever get round to it. It works, it's practical and is easily cleaned. The wood is secured to the two substantial tie down points. Only difficulty was working out the framing to get above wheel arch. Don't ask me why pictures load upside down. Excuse mess, not cleaned out since shoot yesterday.Click image for larger version. 

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    My last 2 pick ups i sort of merged the 2 ideas, laid some timber across from the wheel arches and also had a piece of timber in the middle going vertically which had hinges at the bottom so i could fold it up and down. The last 1 i fixed 2 'posts' vertically inside at tailgate so i could open/close homemaed doors on either side if i had dogs in both sides.
    Must admit mine never looked as tidy as those 2, built with scrap of ply/floorboard usually. But it worked quite well

    It was to much work building drawers, so i just had a flat bit of ply with some 2x2 at end to act as a slider to get to the stuff at the back or u could fit 2 of thoose cheap plastic boxes with lids below each side and i had a bit of metal bent that stayed below the last 1 to pull it out.
    Quite a long ackward space to reach stuff at the back otherwise

    I then stuck a combination bolt thing on the tailgate, so u could slide it across and it would lock the tailgate up. Meant i could slide guns below the floor and with the tail gate locked up no way ur were getting them out and if u looke din window no way u could see them. Also meant u coudn't open the doors to the dog compartments, so they were secure, even if u left the glass open.
    I usually never looked the glass bit after doing that, the glass is so easily broken anyway that its not really adding to the security

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    How big is he Jackfish? I have a small/medium dog box in the classifieds for free if you can use it?

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    Col, thanks for the offer pal! But he's a stocky Wirehaired Vizsla so would be too big for it I'm afraid. Can't understand why anyone hasn't snapped that up as it looks just the thing and looks very well made too!

    Once again appreciate the offer!



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