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Thread: Four toes on one rear leg

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    Four toes on one rear leg

    Hi up and out onto some of my land at 5.00am(just 15 mins from home),nice bright morning dropped down into the valley through some trees and had a glass round and spied a fallow doe(melanistic) in the fieldstood about 5 mins watching her about 300 yds away.Then looked across in front of me about 100yds away another fallow doe(common) we stared at each other for about 2imns and then she slowly walked off(must have known she was safe) .So had a stalk around no bucks about,been a nice morning I thought I would sit under a big hawthorne bush and see what turned up if anything, sat watching hares,rabbits pheasants wonder about.Sat there till 7.45 decided to go home for breakfast, when out of the corner of my eye saw a movement,it was a roe doe 30yds away she must have a kid because her udder was full.She slowly walked past unaware that I was there, then I noticed another roe doe across the field,things are looking up I thought S-D BREAKFAST I will wait a little longer,then I heard a deer barking in the forest behind me and b--ger me a buck appeared in front of me 100yds away,so rifle up onto sticks but there was alot of nettles and bullrushes between us so couldnt get a clear shot, so waited and he came trotting towards meand stopped abut 30yds away,turned broadside and Bang the 270 rang out he ran for 30yds then dropped,gave him 10 mins and found him in the ferns dead.It was then I found out that I had forgot my knife OH SH_T all I had was a Stanley knife anyway managed just took abit longer bloody flies buzzing and sweating cob in the heat.Loaded him into the vehicle and went home to remove head and legs etc it was then I noticed it had FOUR TOES on one rear leg(never seen this before) wonder what caused it,really GOOD DAY
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    That's a great write up and fascinating photo - well spotted!

    Like you, I'd be very keen to understand how this has happened - I am guessing some sort of genetic mutation or similar. It looks/sounds like the polydactylism that you find in cats and humans.

    You might want to post this on the Deer Diseases forum as well?

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    I have heard of 6 fingered banjo players, but 4 toes deer.

    Did you strip the fur/skin back? Was it properly attached, tendons?

    Interesting picture though, well done, a good morning out.

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