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Thread: Tough hunting,awesome country.

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    Tough hunting,awesome country.

    One of the most entertaining vids that I have ever watched,the hunter(s) is such a funny bar steward too.

    Dont dither,take the shot!

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    One of the best I've ever seen. The host Is as mad as a "box of frogs" just check out his eyes. Skyline shooting .270 with clouds as a backstop. I want to go to NZ with him as a PH even if I saw nothing what a hoot.

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    Victoria Australia Sambar country.
    Yes WVM he had me laughing out loud.."check out the awesome awesomeness"
    Dont dither,take the shot!

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    I used to subscribe to his YouTube channel but as he's piss funny but then he started loads of advertising shots of gear and stuff then he's done a patron only thing for some of his vids so just gone a little commercial for me I'm afraid
    Think you'll find he's also a registered member on here too.
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    reading his blurb at the end the helicopter hunting sounds awful. id love a chance to hunt and camp lime that, what a way to spend a week

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    Aaah young Smitty & Josh, a couple of good *******s for sure along with there mate Weka, he is now doing Discovery channel, Duel Survival & Kings of the Wild, he does loads of wilderness trips & raft/ jet boat adventures, if your down there he is worth calling as like the rest of us lives for the sport and will be happy to help or advise any time, he is an excellent field guide, survivalist & 1 of the top white water raft experts, a perfect contact for anyone hunting South Island, he is at Ross on the west coast. if anyone wants his details message me.

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    Pretty funny stuff. Im amazed they are hunting in the High Mountains with so little kit. I enjoy Josh watched a few things with him on.

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    look out for the rock shaped rocks!!hes dafter than me and thats going some,

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    I hope I get to spend a nightshift in the bar with those two before I die!!!!
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