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Thread: Introduction To Reloading

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    Introduction To Reloading

    When I looked into reloading for the first time I was overwhelmed by the minefield of information.

    Once I got my head around the basics and gathered all the necessary equipment I had every intention to do a video series demonstrating how I reload, aimed at beginners. I finally got around to that this week and here it is:

    *caveat: if it's not what you do then that's fine. This is a clip demonstrating my method which I find pretty simple and has proven successful for me*

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    I tried the same ultrasonic cleaner that you have for .357 brass I could only fit 25 in the tray too as a single layer, the water was black after a full cycle and I refreshed the water. I did use a decapping die instead of a sizing die before cleaning, but found the process to be less efficient for me, especially drying the cases and then sizing them afterwards. The ultrasonic is now redundant as part of my reloading process and instead I dry tumble the cases for 4 hours then resize the cases. I give the cases a wipe with a dry cloth before resizing, then clean the primer pockets.

    I recognise that we all approach the process in slightly differing ways and it looks like your brass is nice and shiny like mine is when dry tumbling, to show up any defects before continuing the reloading process.

    I thought you were Mr Hornady until I seen your Lyman pro tumbler!

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    Yeah I don't think you really need to clean the cases at all other than the primer pockets. I find that a faff though so I bung them all in the ultrasonic when deprimed. Does an excellent job.

    The tumbler just dries them and gives them a final buff for me. More aesthetics than anything but at least I know they are properly dry before loading them up.

    I bought a full Hornady Lock N Load reloading kit but I might give them a call and ask about commission

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    Thank you for making those, as a beginner it is interesting to see another's process.

    I am not sure if you want any comments made about the videos as opposed to the process...I once did a video editing course twenty years ago so I am in no way an expert...but I remember being told that anything more than 3 seconds is a long clip. If you watch any television documentary or drama and start counting every time there is a new camera angle, you rarely get above a count of 4.

    The first 50 seconds was a bit slow...the filming framing and lighting looks good, but you could do with editing out some of the repetition. By 25 seconds we had seen the handling and lubrication and the frequency of reapplication of lubricant to your fingers, but no further information was added in the subsequent 25 seconds...the rest was fine for me, just that second 25 seconds.

    As a "how to" for beginners a couple of things occurred to me...

    The solution mix could be better demonstrated by a label on the jar of citric acid, you show three items which includes a box of citric acid, but then do not use anything from the box and do not make the relationship clear....

    The advisability of putting your fingers into a running Ultrasonic Cleaner at 5.22 however briefly is questionable. All manufacturers advise against it, and following a google research into the affect of U/S upon flesh (very little) and bone (potentially quite a lot) I always use tweezers or tongs.


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    Thanks Alan.

    I don't claim to be an expert at either, it's just a hobby. I think you're right about the length of time for each clip though. I try and throw in a number of camera angles to make what is quite a mundane task as interesting as possible

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    Just one point worth noting....something even many experienced reloaders often miss:

    The tumbler has open slats in the top (same one I use). Unless you have a face mask or really good ventilation, you oughtn't really be in the same room when that thing's going. After several large batches are cleaned, it gives off dust which contains cumulative metallic toxins which may include lead compounds in the dust (although some companies now produce lead-free primer compiunds). I have modified my lid by taping a plastic cover to the underside so that when it's running, no dust can escape. When handling media, I always wear latex gloves too for the same reason. OTT? not really. The compounds for CCI primers for example, include lead salts, barium and Benzenediol in addition to copper and zinc. Hazard sheet for CCI primers identifies the compounds:

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    Quote Originally Posted by TriggerPull View Post
    Thanks Alan.

    I don't claim to be an expert at either, it's just a hobby. I think you're right about the length of time for each clip though. I try and throw in a number of camera angles to make what is quite a mundane task as interesting as possible
    I noticed the effectiveness of your different camera angles later on which gave the whole story of the resizing for was just that initial 25-50 hook!


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    well done good vids,how come you showed the citric acid then never used it,or didnt you need it for that batch,

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    Cheers for that. I store the citric acid in the jam jars to stop it from going damp

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