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    hi all i have been trying to get a turret cap for my zeiss scope but carnt get one any where i have tried zeiss but they dont sell them separate i wounderd if any one as any ideas where to get one from or as any one got a 2nd hand zeiss scope for sale its a 25/10/50t diavarie all help would be gratefull

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    I'm surprised Zeiss didn't offer to send you one free of charge. Did you contact their customer services directly? Every time I have emailed them direct they have sent out items free, including bikini covers for a second hand scope I bought without the covers included.

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    yes phoned customer services they said they dont do them seprate

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    Try an email too. Worth a try as I've heard of others who have got turret caps foc.

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    Did you try outside the uk ? or Zeiss uk, must say I always have had good service from both and easy lost bits replaced FOC, I know they keep them as replacement parts due to if you send a scope back for refreshing then if a cap is missing they replace it with new ?

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    cheers every one

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    Zeiss have supplied them to me in the past as well as eye piece rubbers for my Binos always FOC.

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