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    Heavy breathing

    Hi Guys

    I am the owner of Labs which I use for shooting and picking up on pheasant days as well as deer dogs. Generally speaking they work very well on all of the activities as well as being great family pets. Problem is they tend to pant and breath heavily with excitement all the time they are out after deer. it doent seem to matter how often or how long they are out it is "pant pant pant" all the time. Not much of a problem when it is windy but on still days it must scare deer off.

    Question is why do they do that and what can be done to prevent that behaviour in next one. I am sure it is too late for the current 2

    All comments and suggestions welcome


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    dogs pant to cool down so it could be a case that your dogs are unfit or overweight or a bit of both and the hot weather will make it worse.

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    One of my Chesapeakes does it - she'll start to pant as soon as something 'good' or 'exciting' is on the books - essentially as soon as she sees the rifle or shotgun. She's a bit tubby now but she's always done it - even when young and slender. It's just part of her and another way of her showing that she's happy and excited.
    You won't change it - just learn to live with it.

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    I have a Choc Lab who does this a lot as well. She is very fit but susceptible to overheating so pants to cool down. She will also do it when stressed/excited, I think as scotsgun said you wont be able to change it.

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