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Thread: Latest Grizzly Bear Attack in Montana

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    Latest Grizzly Bear Attack in Montana

    I can't believe i camped out on my own in the same mountain range as this hunter, and plan on doing it again, but with a friend this time in a few weeks.
    This is one really tough guy, the bear attacked him after being sprayed with pepper spray, it then left him, he started to make his way back to his truck and it had followed him, attacking him for a second time.
    Scary stuff, but it all adds to the whole experience of hunting in Montana, what a story for him to tell his kids.

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    This is all over Facebook so have seen it already.
    Just goes to show how careful some folk have to be when out.
    We are lucky in this country that our 'Man predators' are few and far between.
    We have more danger from plants that sting and fester :-(

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    An absolutely incredible story.

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    Anyone here have any recommendations on what to carry? Just bearspray, or solid slug in a 12-guage? I doubt a pistol would be much use.

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    I see that he had a pistol but could not get it into action on either attack. I would want something 44 mag or more if that were me. Not sure I would have gone with the pepper spray on a charging bear but hey he survived!!
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    So if you go to the woods today don't go stalking big mother bear she'll whoop your ass

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    One tough guy! I couldn't play dead while being chewed by a grizzly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by srvet View Post
    I see that he had a pistol but could not get it into action on either attack.
    He could of be he opted for the spray instead. Cops get criticised for going to guns first, but when something potentially lethal is going down only a muppet reaches for the non-certain way of ending it. I wonder if anyone has asked him if he would reach for the pepper spray if it happened again
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