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Thread: Humane Dispatch / Deer Wardens - Sussex Area

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    Humane Dispatch / Deer Wardens - Sussex Area

    Anyone involved in the Local Authority / Sussex Police sponsored scheme and who can confirm the news I heard today that the scheme which is administered by the local authority, has been suspended until further notice?

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    Why don't you simply contact the local authority and have it straight from the horse's mouth as it were ndjfb01 or is it ndjfb00?
    Surely they are the ones that can tell you for certain.
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    As far as I'm aware it hasn't been suspended it is just that the person who liases between the FLD and the comms dispatch left a while ago and a replacement hasn't been found to administrate yet. The existing deer wardens are still being used frequently just new ones aren't being taken on at the moment.

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    I've had no notification that it's been suspended ...

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    Ok thanks all, reason for this post is that I've been trying to get on the scheme for over a year, the guy who heads up the Sussex Police dept and who ive been lobbying informed me today of the suspension news......reckon thats good enough as 'horses mouth'?

    In the meantime I'll have to put up with people knocking on my door announcing they've bowled over deer outside knowing i cant do diddly squat about here comes a deludge about Deer Act and by "any means"!!

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    If you have been tryin for a year, it probably means they don,t need you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
    If you have been tryin for a year, it probably means they don,t need you.
    Id be inclined to agree.. maybe take the hint? Maybe they have enough people already? You say you've been lobbying the chief guy..... maybe lobbying to you, may be perceived as hassling to them?
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    When you view the carcass post RTC the next morning and see no evidence of humane dispatch (and remember I've seen this 3 times in just the last month) wouldnt you want to do something about it ie legally dispatch rather consider the animal has expired through yes thats why ive been lobbying, its about passion and welfare no other agenda

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    Are you experienced in the dispatch of injured animals what is going to be your preferred method, if you can see them lyin on the side of the road, 9out of 10 times they would be dead before you arrive.

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