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Thread: Don't come crying to me...

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    Don't come crying to me...

    For those of you that have contacted me regarding hunting in the US. The deadline for purchasing points for Wyoming is midnight US mountain time, October 31. For deer & antelope points, it will set you back about 50 quid. My Yorkshireman friend has first dibs on a hunt with me. You have to think ahead, years in advance to accumulate the points you need to be drawn. Get off your duff and click on Wyoming Fish and Game. Even if we can't work out a hunt together, I can help you plan it and get it done if your interested. Yes, you can sometimes get a tag without points but in narrows down where and when you can hunt. Points usually give you the best access and convenience.

    Another thing, it's a lot easier to get someone to take you under their wing if you have points.
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