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Thread: Two more "would you`s"

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    Two more "would you`s"

    The pair of louts are at a distance of something like 650 yards,the single is around 350 yards..when I say around its just that I took a lot of pics and ranged them but cant effen remember exactly but its close enough ha ha.
    I`m only asking simply to see what various opinions come up for the ranges on offer.
    I know a mate here that runs a 30" barrel work of art in 308 Norma Magnum would have no hesitation at a meat harvest on one of the pair.

    There has been a vandal at work too in the bush behind,rifle is my .358 Norma Mag.

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    Each to their own - single yes double no unless I managed act like a snail and get up to the tree next to them.

    Now that would be real stalking!!!!

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    A bit far for me.

    I'd walk around (however far that is) and approach from the cover of the gum trees in the background.

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    For me NO. I have not practised shooting at that distance and I would prefer to stalk in to a distance that I was comfortable shooting at and if that was not possible then I would prefer to leave them for another day.
    Some may feel comfortable taking the shots so I say each to their own!

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    Not for me, no. I have no idea what my bullet drops are past 300yd so I'd have to have a wriggle in closer or pass it up.

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    350yds , yes
    650yds , depends on conditions , basically the wind !
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    I'd call in an air strike!

    But saving that...depending on the wind....try to get closer or wait for another day and get there before them!

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    Good weather clean line of sight etc etc probably take on the single at 300yards but he doubles no chance.

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    Hi John

    650 - not for me - let them go-let them grow!
    Now 350 - well, if no chance whatsoever of closing down the distance, a good rest and as I replied on your previous 'Would you?' thread - if all affirmative and also looked/felt right in the scope, I might just squeeze on it.


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    I would want to get closer. I sniped a button roe buck last week - 150 plus yards. I was down the track and two popped out the woods. Lay down, good firm rest. Took a few minutes to confirm it was a button Buck - last light against dark background. And squeezed trigger. Easiest buck I have had for a long time. It's a new piece of ground and the owner wants them thinned as they are hammering new trees. There was a young doe next to him - probably twins and could have taken as well. A sense of satisfaction at a good clean shot, but no real achievement from a good stalk.

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