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Thread: Rebarreling in the North

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    Rebarreling in the North

    My Tikka 243 varmint is perhaps coming to the end of its life and I am looking to rebarrel the action. I would like to use someone local with a good reputation and not cost me more than buying a new Tikka. I have had one quote which was 750 for the barrel then 150 to screw cut and have it proofed which seems a little high baring in mind the cost of a new Tikka.

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    Try Steve Kershaw in Howden.Reasonable and more importantly quick.Richard.

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    Another advocate of Steve Kershaw, won't talk you into what you don't need, not the cheapest not the most expensive "I've learnt the hard way cheap isn't always best option", job done on time and sound advice
    Suffice to say I won't go anywhere else again
    Oh and he'd be maybe 40 mins from you so no messing around with RFD transfer
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    Alan Maughan custom rifles - he is going to re barrel one for me a tikka M55 but im going for a 7mm-08, check him out he is on facebook, He recons a 3 week turn around and you may have it back sooner, and was well recommended too.

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    Another +1 for Steve Kershaw.....only limit on time would be availability of parts,etc. Always very quick and top quality work.


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    Redmist off here would be my bet, based S Lakes/N Lancs.

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    Another +1 for Steve Kershaw.. Had several rifles built by him as well as lots of smaller jobs and always had excellent work and service.

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    Steve is the man to do it and as above compared to others he's quick

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    Steve did my 6.5x47 rebarrel in a good time frame, for a fair price and it shoots really well. If you are setting geographic limits, then he is a good choice.


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