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Thread: Thermal night vision

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    Thermal night vision

    Does anyone know how a Pulsar core FXD50 and a Pulsar XQ50 or XQ38 compare please. I like the idea of a thermal monitor that would also fit my rifle scope.

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    As far as I know (and if I understood you correctly), you cannot put the XQ (Quantums) on your rifle, so the core would be your only option of those 3 (since its a clip-on you can use it as a monocular and with your daytime scope).

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    Yes thanks Neo I know that, what I want to know is how the core and the XQ38 compare in use.
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    The image on the XQ handhelds is better than the Core. I had a Core on test and it's good for ID'ing fox sized animals to about 150-200yds. The other problem I found with the Core is that over 8x mag on the scope, the image becomes very pixelated.
    It's a fantastic idea, just not quite there yet.
    The XQ handhelds on the other hand are absolutely superb.

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    If the Apex rifle scope could be reliably taken off and refitted to the rifle without losing zero, I think that would be ideal.

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    The scope would not be very ergonomic at all.
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