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Thread: 35 grain V-Max???

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    35 grain V-Max???

    Hi, Ive been after some 35 grain v max heads fro my .22 hornet, been looking for around a month now but no one seems to have them, anyojne know where I can get some?, many thanks Tom

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    If you're happy to order online these guys should have them:

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    PM me details as I mght be able to get you some on my travels. Don't Dauncey have them?


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    Spud lists them.

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    I have been trying to buy some from Arms24 but struggling to input my address upon checkout. I cant seem to find UK in the scroll down country menu. Has any body used these before. Am I just thick or missing something.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I think you need to search for 'Vereinigtes Königreich'

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    Thanks Takbok. Spot on, all ordered.

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    Dauncey still awaiting there order!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flyer4u0 View Post
    Thanks Takbok. Spot on, all ordered.
    No problem, it's great to be able to order what bullets you want without the hassle of searching gunshops!

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    Hi takbok, is there any way to translate the website? It totally confused me

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