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Thread: Benelli Nova Pump Action

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    Benelli Nova Pump Action

    I have just bought an old side by side 3" chambered 12bore wildfowling shotgun and I am trading my Benelli Nova in against it. But before it goes does any body want one.

    Its a Benelli Nova 12 Bore, with 3 1/2" chamber and steel shot proof, 28" barrel and 3 shot magazine so on a shotgun certificate. Weighs about 8 lb, and even with heavy cartridges - lead loaded 3 1/2" with getting on for 2 oz of shot it handles the recoil very well.

    Yes, the magazine does take 3 31/2" cartridges, but no you can't squeeze in 4 2 1/2" cartridges.

    I have put less than a case of cartridges through it over the last three years so it is still it very good condition and still has a good element of new stiffness. Some of the bluing on the magazine tube is a bit worn underneath the foreend where it slides back and fore, but this is inevitable.

    If any body is interested please pm me with an offer - on guntrader there a couple new at 525, and a couple of Super Nova's second hand at 495.

    And before anybody asks, the reason for selling it is that I just can't seem to shoot it well - I have a thin narrow face and the comb is too low for me having learnt to shoot with side by sides which shoot high. I am also left handed and need a stock with a degree of cast-on - the Benelli has a dead straight stock. If I could adjust the pitch and cast of the stock I would really like it.
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