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Thread: Hornady 308 168g SST Superformance

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    Hornady 308 168g SST Superformance

    Does anyone know who sells the Hornady 168g SST Superformance, 308 in Scotland. Has anyone got any experience of how good the ammunition is.

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    They were the first factory round that I managed to keyhole fairly regularly with my R93. It did not like the 150g SST superprformance anything like as much. I only managed to buy one box at the shooting show and have not seen them since. I shot one deer with them. A fallow doe heart shot at 90 odd metres ran 25 metres.


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    I cannot tell you where to buy it in Scotland, but I have only used that bullet (in 150g) for the last year (since I bought my Jaeger Haenel 308), and itīs a great bullet for long distances. I have killed foxes, hogs and deer up to 300 metres with one shot, very accurate and very effective (a lot of internal damage in the animals). BUT: I also shot 2 hogs at close distance (50-70 meters), hit them and never found them. I donīt know if that was a coincidence. Anyway, I am very happy with it, itīs my favorite bullet for stalking now.

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    I have no clue about availability in Scotland (or anywhere in the UK for that matter), but I have used the 165 SST (Nosler makes a 165 and 168 BT, but the SST is 165 only) loaded to about 2700 FPS from the 308 and had good results on a few whitetail deer -- boiler room (lungs and top of heart) shots under 100 yds, bang flop, impressive but NOT excessive wound channel - minimal meat damage). Initial expansion is very fast, but tends to be well controlled and behaved at 308 velocities. If your rifle favors them I imagine the round would serve you very well across a pretty wide variety of game weights and ranges.

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    The ones I had were 165grain. I assumed the OP's 168 was a typo. I should have clarified it...


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