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Thread: Which twist rate

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    Which twist rate

    Got my variation through today with a slot on it for a .223 which I'm going to use with NV for foxing. Already got a couple of SAKO 85 in other calibres which I'm very happy with so planning to get another 85 but in .223. Unfortunately SAKO don't appear to do the the .223 in the synthetic / stainless so will probably go for the laminate / stainless.
    This is offered in two twist rates either the 1 in 8 or 1 in 12. As its mainly for foxing I will probably be using a fairly light round, ie 40 to 50 grain, just wondered if anyone had any experience of this and which twist rate they would go for.

    With regards to the NV, it will either be a the new pulsar 970 (already have a 870 on a .22 for rabbits which I like because of the range finder) or a Drone pro, advice willingly taken.

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    I have a T3 in .223 with a 1:12 twist barrel, it was like a lazer with 40 grain V-max.
    Is there a time and place for spontaneity?

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    Drone Pro and 1 in 12 twist.
    1 in 12 because for NV foxing you want as flat a trajectory as possible making range judgement is less critical.
    1 in 12 handles the lighter, faster bullets better than 1 in 8.



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    Thanks for all the advice, looks like it's a 1 in 12 with a drone pro

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    1 in 8 will do 40s plus a few more ,may prefer 55s and up but in the future newer bullets might be the norm as it states in another simular thread below left ,,

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    Either twist rate will do to be honest, my 22/250 wears a 1:8 and shoots 55g blitzing really well. The drone 10x is fantastic too!

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    I have a sako 85 laminated stainless varmint barrel. 223 with a 1 in 12 twist and shoot 50 grain v max home loads I use mine for mainly daylight shooting and am very happy with accuracy and consistency.
    You won't go wrong with a 1 in 12 twist rate on light bullets mine also shoots 60 grain bullets well.

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    My Remington 700 has a 1-12 twist, when shooting military ammo the bullets go though the target sideways at 45yds. I use Hornady 50gr V- max for faxing and have shot rabbits out to 400yds with them.

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