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Thread: What does 10 Mill get you that 2 won't?

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    What does 10 Mill get you that 2 won't?

    OK probably a thoroughly discussed question previously but the search bar won't come up with exactly the right thing.. Looking at insurance cover from different organisations and wandering - why would anyone ever need 10 million indemnity cover for any one occurrence? Surely there are hardly every insurance claims nearing 1 million let alone 10? I ask as my own liability cover is (an apparently measly) 2 million for any one occurrence supplied from a deal with the SSA. Can someone please tell me where I have missed the trick? I have recently been turned down some stalking based purely on this fact that I didn't have 10 mill cover.


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    Ricochet hits football player & ruins career?

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    Ive given this a lot of thought and i think the answer is 8 Mill.

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    OK. Worst case scenario,

    A) A ricochet off a hidden rock wounds an elderly lost pensioner in the thick wood behind the trees. £500k comp?
    B) A ricochet off a hidden rock wounds and paralyses a business owner searching for his lost dog, who earns a million pounds per year, has a very good barrister and he is unable to work, but is expected to live for another 30 years? £30 + million comp?

    The 'law' is about as unpredictable as it gets. Whenever I used to have to use them for work related contractual disputes etc, you would NEVER get a straight answer or commital from any decent solicitor. Bit like Doctors in that regard.

    [Ferkin useless, VERY expensive and a pain in the butt in other words.]
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    A good nights sleep every night!

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    Dave nailed it in his post.

    You would be be amazed at the costs. A good buddy of mine had a serious motorbike accident where some Doris knocked him off and his settlement was in excess of £2m which sounds like a lot till you factor costs and honestly It's not a lot and will probably need a top up.

    So so imagine if you have multiple added into that.

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    I think 10£mil is the minimum public liability for anyone working on the Public Highway - must be for a reason.
    Ok lots of members of the public about so risk increased........


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    10 mill is the "industry "standard these days im afraid.Public liability ,shooting,work related the lawyer,s involved now use the American model ,screw em for every penny.Whiplash mm here,s 1800 quid ,cant work whilst you recover you will need loss of earning plus compo as u cant sleep due to nightmares so 6 to 8 weeks wages and interest and phsycho damage too.It soon adds up ,its a sad state you must have insurance But good look trying to get them to cough up for a real claim
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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