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Thread: Legal advice required

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    Legal advice required


    Does anybody on here be able to offer me legal advice in a work related matter. I'm putting the information on here for obvious reasons. Please pm me if one can help.

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    Are you a member of a Union if so speak to them or their legal helpline.

    I am a workplace rep and H@S rep so deal with most things relating to staff and HR issues, PM me and I will assist or point you in the right direction if i am able to do so.


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    From what you say, I assume it is shooting and work related. Are you a member of BASC or one of the other organisations? If so, can they help?

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    Good luck if you are with the 'unite' union. Total waste of space.
    I hope you get your issues sorted weeman.

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    This is not shooting related pure work related. I'm not in a union. I've got two months left and concerned about my career. Thanks.

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    Ring ACAS ,the few at work that have had issues say they give sound impartial advice ,as stated Unite are teets ona feesh .Did sweet Fa for the missus despite her having R.S.I from her job .Do google Employment lawyer,s in your area ,the first 30 minutes of any legal consultation is FREE ,which aint a bad price.Good luck
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    Hi, Pm me and I'll see if I can help. I'm an HR Director and can usually get these things sorted without recourse to expensive lawyers

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    You need correct, current, professional advice. As others say look to the sources that can deliver that. In terms of things like redundancy because of closure there are specific laws AND where the company in fact "transfers" its place of business elsewhere but remains the same company. Good Luck!

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