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Thread: Midgie breakthrough possibly?

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    Midgie breakthrough possibly?

    Seen this & just thought total game changer .... & if it worked on midges!!!!?

    Hope it works, cones to market


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    Looks like a seriously good product (assuming it actually works) - but I cannot believe that the "Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation" supporting them do not have the $75,000 for the field trials.

    I have Malaria (which occasionally returns with weakening effects over time) and have had two good friends die of it (one with black water fever) so I would not wish the initial attack on anyone (well ok, maybe a short list of a few...) so if someone has found a solution then great - but, to me, the request for support for a such a small amount of money (relative to the problem) just does not ring true.

    That's a shame.
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    There are similar items on ebay . it would be interesting to give them a proper July

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