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Thread: .243 barrel life

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    .243 barrel life

    Read some stuff on the inter-web about .243 barrel life only being in the order of 1300 rounds!

    In terms of its overbore I suppose this makes sense, however seriously thinking about changing my slot for one of these to something else, if the real-world barrel life is this poor, i.e. lower than a typical .300 win mag (circa 1500 rounds as I understand it)

    I'd appreciate some views from those with experience please?

    I'd be using mine for occasional range use as well as vermin, so it would take a bit more of a hammering than a rifle purely for live quarry


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    Iv had 1200 before accuracy dropped off but you could only tell beyond 250metres

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    I just realised, I have absolutely no idea how many rounds have been through any of my rifles. (Even the ones I bought brand new)
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    I've put 1000 rounds through my Ruger Precision 308 in the last 12 months. I guess i should only fire another 100 rounds through it and sell it before the barrel goes to heck.....~Muir

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    Well I do about 50 rounds a year so on that basis.... I'll stick.
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    Now I've got an excuse to buy a new rifle or barrel every other week. Must be those damn boresnakes.
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    Too many variances for a meaningful average, different metals, powders, lengths , tightness, velocities and what what.

    In reality I don't think anyone ever fires more than 80 rounds in a rifle judging by the classifieds on here....

    Shoot more, worry less.

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    Somewhere on this forum is a similar thread and I will repeat the same here as I did in that one "Rubish"
    I bought a Brno ZKK601 243 30 or so years ago, to use as a lamping gun, expecting to get the 1200 rounds out of it and then replace it.
    I must explain I was lamping both fox and deer over thousands of acres of new plantations.
    Loading hot rounds, it performed great and at 200 yards I got less than an inch every time I tried, well 30 years on and it still does the same !.
    Finally, I fired far more than the 1200 rounds in its first year!
    Maybe a barrel made from mild steel will shoot out in 1200 rounds or perhaps one using poor powders etc. eg black powder might corrode the barrel, but using vit powders and sierra bullets certainly will not wear a good barrel out in normal UK use.

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    Ps. Ask biscuit barrel how many he has put through his tikka. It will be a lot.

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    Don't worry about barrel wear until it happens, my 243 is seven years old. Must of fired nearly 2000 rounds through it. Still groups well under an inch, half inch most times. My 270 is younger but fires more rounds per year, it is showing signs of wear but still shoots well.

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