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Thread: sauer 202 outback 30-06

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    sauer 202 outback 30-06

    hello guys

    I have decided to put my Sauer up for sale to concentrate on game shooting

    the gun comes with a Schmidt 3-12-50 scope and quick release mounts

    its a fluted barrel with the nice open sites fitted and not screw cut for mod

    I have 60 brand new sako super hammerhead 180gr rounds to go with it

    looking for 1600 cash

    drop me an email address and I will send you pictures through if interested or call me on 07568169042

    many thanks


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    Open to sensible offers

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    price drop 1500

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    Last chance
    price drop to 1450 thats a lot of gun for the money

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    Gun only for 900 or swap the whole outfit for a complete pcp outfit with bottle and a bit of cash back my way
    let me know what you have

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    I was looking for a good second hand one of these for 12 months and had no luck tracking one down, eventually bought something else instead.

    Good luck with the sale and have a bump on me.


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    Interested if outfit still for sale ? I already have a sauer 202 elegance in .243 and love it so another would suit me very well.

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    Hi steve
    outfit still for sale at present

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    Hi Ben and thanks for your kind reply. since I replied to your ad I have been offered a superb deal on a new 404 synchro xtc, however no deal has been finalised until I see and try out the rifle. We are heading your way from Norfolk to Dorset for New Years eve and coming home on the second so maybe could call on you then ?
    i must admit I hadn't thought I could afford a new 404 but i bought on 202 elegance in .243 from the same guy and he really looked after me so I must see him first. (Just being straight up and honest)
    i totally love my 202 and it has dropped me some stunning roe and fallow deer so owning another Sauer in 30/06 would be awesome !
    kind regards: Steve

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