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Thread: What I call a successful Stalk

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    What I call a successful Stalk

    Went out for a potter around my ground yesterday evening - did leave the house till 9pm - first time for a few weeks. I have a number of bits that frequently hold deer. First bit I looked into was gorgous looking buck - really nice head on him and his coat was in really good condition. Really nice to see, as a few weeks ago everything was looking very scruffy and thin. He was emminantly shootable, but too good to shoot so watched him for ten minutes quietly feeding and then backed away.

    Saw another couple of nice beasts at the bottom of the next door field with a couple of does. Then went up to the hay field. One buck was on the other side, but not in a safe position. So went round the other side and sat quietly under a tree and just waited. Had a fox almost run over me, and then had a good buck pop out of the woods. He fed quietly for a few minutes, but not in a clear safe position so just waited. He then moved out of sight, but popped back into sight about ten minutes later in a clearly shootable position. Then just thought that had a client meeting first thing, it was a warm muggy night and did I really want to be up till 1am chopping him up to get him into the fridge - so just let him be.

    Drove home thoroughly satisfied.

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    Sounds like a great evening out. Always nice to see a true stalker that is as happy to observe his stock as to blaze away at anything that moves. True spirt of the stalker.

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    Sometimes it is better just to watch Patrick! and you demonstrated the clear thinking of a wise stalker sharing the gralloch with a swarm of midges is not one of life's great pleasures, good for you mate.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Been doing the same with my lad,Taken some time for it to sink in that you dont shot everything you come across, there as to be a reason.
    If he can give me a good reason and he puts the time in looking and watch then if safe and suitable he can stalk and he may get to shot.

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    sometimes its a better feeling to spy the deer and leave for a better occasion.
    i did that last year on a real nice buck and been back three times and no sign. i am leaving the ground now till 2nd week in august and with luck will call him in.
    real nice beast with some good genes for the next generation.

    well done mate. they say reap what you sow.

    atb frank

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    Have been out again a couple of times since I worte the above and of course havn't seen a thing - admittadely last Friday my seven and half year old daughter requested that could she come along as well. Had another good potter and saw the two good bucks again, but in the next door field. One was just lying out in the middle minding his own business and knowing that he was perfectly safe - he had a very smug look on his face. We then saw a big old fox trotting along the bottom boundry. Lets see if we can call him up - used the back of my hand as squeeker. Saw it turn and come trotting towards me - we crouched down behind a patch of docks - a couple of minutes later, little voice next to me - "Daddy there's the fox" - turned my head towards him and we both stared at each other from about five yards distance - I started to lift the gun up to give him the good news from the shotgun barrel, but he was away in a flash - no chance.

    Later on when we were walking back spied down into the field again and there under the big oak tree on hedge line were three young fox cubs just playing, with big old buck just lieing 20 yds away. On next doors land, so we just sat a watched them. After ten minutes the big old fox came up to them with a rabbit and all hell broke loose as three cubs start tearing it apart. We just sat and watched till it got dark.

    I know that Foxes are vermin, but what a privaledge to see that sort of thing, and to share it with my daughter - she will remember that for the rest of her life - and overheard her chatting to here friends yesterday recounting this and friends just wide with amazement and envy. I can still vividly remember as 4 year old boy in Africa coming back from days shooting ducks, guinea fowl and doves with my father on friends farm south of Harare - the feel of sore knees (from the long grass) falling asleep on front bench seat of the Renault 4 with black lab sitting leaning out of the window.

    Went out again last night - saw no bucks but saw three does each with a fawn. Could hear the bucks barking away in the glen - but it was quite a cold night. The rut should be starting soon. Saw a big badger as well. Can't help feeling I will be more successful with a good camera, as I should have learnt by now that on this bit of ground you must take what you are presented with and don't leave it for later.

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    You Sir are a true sportsman.
    But if there is a game shoot nearby you should dispose of those foxes.
    regards John

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    There are no game shoots close by - most of the surrounding areas are woodland nature reserves, parkland or urban fringes. Running a game shoot would be a nightmare.

    To be honest the foxes actually do quite a useful job in keeping the rabbit population under control.

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    keep the tales coming patrick, very enjoyable well done. and im sure when the time is right you will be putting a beast in the freezer.

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