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Thread: Updated risk assessment - CWD/TSE from Norway to UK

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    Updated risk assessment - CWD/TSE from Norway to UK

    The new assessment focuses on the potential routes of entry for a cervid TSE (whether confirmed as chronic wasting disease or another related prion) from Norway.

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    Interesting YT videos by Keith Warren on the condition in the US, and how the whole CWD phenomenon has become heavily 'politicised' there; I note too that manganese miners are recorded as suffering increased incidence of CJD, the equivalent SE condition in humans. I'd be interested to learn whether the areas in Norway are poor in Copper trace availability, as it is known that both acidification of the environment (ongoing in the northern hemisphere since industrialisation, and apparently increasing, via atmospheric pollution and acid rain) and repeated use of organophosphate acaricides (the BSE in cattle prime suspect) both serve to deny the uptake of copper in trace element form, which is required for normal function of prions. In the absence of copper, manganese is utilised, but causes mutation in the prions, apparently leading to spongiform encephalopathy. The Norwegian huntngn and nature research body have been aware of the impact of acid rain on grouse and deer (indeed all fauna species) for over thirty years, and Professor Adrian Frank at university of Uppsala, in Sweden did much valuable research into similar debilitating conditions on the deer species in that country in the 1980's too. The condition was not recognised by SNH staff when I discussed the matter some 4-5 years ago, but I did not expect too much.

    The clinically similar condition known as scrapie in sheep has been recorded here for many years, but its incidence seems to be either widely ignored, or not discussed much, or at any rate regarded as relatively minor, and seems to pose no great threat to lamb consumption; let's hope that, given the low incidence in deer, and long 'incubation' period venison will also be similarly regarded, should an incidence of CWD be recorded here, which I understand to be safely edible in any event, even from suspect or test 'positive' (though otherwise seemingly healthy) carcases, providing, as with cattle during the BSE scare, the brain and spinal cord are not consumed.

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    Anybody any further thoughts ? Is there an expert on here I can talk to ?

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