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Thread: Hunting ban in Romania

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    Hunting ban in Romania

    Being The Guardian is there any basis of fact in this article?

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    I see plenty of politics and spin in that but no science. There's also a significant lack of balance as no farmers or hunting outfitters appear to have been asked for their perspective.

    There may well be a problem with over-hunting due to financial temptations/pressures and over-estimation of populations, but it's hard to see how any action can be taken on the basis of numbers when the number of animals remains unknown!

    It seems unlikely too that a ban and the assignment of a team of police hit-men is the best solution available, or that any farmer with a problem won't just deal with it quietly -and now illegally- himself. This is the sort of thing that has converted raptor control into a wildlife crime here, and that at the very least requires a swift and fair system of licensing to accompany it.

    A further issue in the mix here is the EUs tendency to impose one-size-fits-all rules on diverse environments. This may make sense in commerce, but in the context of habitat management more flexibility is called for. From Sweden to Spain the lack of such flexibility is turning hunters and rural communities against the European movement. This doesn't seem to be a wise fight for the EU to pick, or to back, at a moment when it is more vulnerable than at any time in its history.

    Then, of course, there's the characteristic presumption of the urban and online populations that they know what's best for everyone else and have the unassailable right to impose their views on the lives of others.
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    There is a particular problem in Romania. As much as anything, what they are trying to address is corruption. Trophy hunting in Romania has always been corrupt. Both the permit system and leasing and sale of the state owned forests have been revoltingly corrupt. Including after EU accession. The activities of the EU, especially Dutch, German, Austrian and Swedish companies and World Bank in Romania have only exacerbated many of these problems.. I would imagine the main aim is to remove the source of funding of some of this corruption.
    Romania is not a very metropolitan, vegetarian type of place at all.

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