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Thread: "The Sound Shot"

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    "The Sound Shot"


    One of my mates that stalks is a long haul airline pilot & he has spent alot of time in the States down-south in recent years.

    When he was under my direct supervision he asked me if I had ever herd of a "sound shot" & to which I replied no.

    He then went on to explain that whilst in Texas he had been told that taking a "close sound shot" was in fact to shoot into bushes upon hearing a sound that was "probable quarry species that was not visable"

    I said-lets just not be doing that over here or there could be a few less dog walkers going home each night!

    I did at the time think he was taking the pee-however he has since assured me that he was not!

    Either way I think the old sound shot can stay that side of the big pond

    Regs Lee

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    Hear hear!

    "I once wondered why a hunter got so upset when he heard that one of his buddies made a "sound shot". *I took it to mean that he made a solid hit, but it turned out that he was shooting at sounds. "

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    don't go for a pee in the woods then when he is around ha ha.
    the Americans never cease to amaze me...


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    the americans have not only a "sound shot" but also as seen in boz / gulf an "if it moves shot" also,

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    That is probably why they have so many friendly fire casualties in any conflict they have ever been involved in.

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    According to one of our UK “shooting magazines” you know which one, I thought it was recommended practice on roe bucks.

    IIRC about 2 years ago in NZ a man shot his grandson dead, he saw a flash of brown in the bushes and let it have it, and his grandson had a brown pullover on.

    Another classic is an “anchoring shot” this were you put a shot though the pelvis so the animal so it can’t run off.

    Then we have the famous “Texas Heart shot” a surprisingly effective killer with “enough gun”, a bullet in the arse, get this one right and it makes the taxidermists job easy if you want a full body mount or rug. The gralloch is a bit messy mind.

    Think I will keep to the heart lung shots for now.



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    Every year in the states, you hear stories of some poor sod killed by an a*sehole who fired a round into the bush at a "brown shape" or sound.

    This is really not a funny subject at all.

    Read a story about two years ago, a hunter fired a round into a bush and killed his youngest son. There was another hunter in the party, he was sent of to get help. The bloke sat down beside his dead son and took his own head off with a deer rifle. The wife/mother of the two deceased guys was left with a right disaster to cope with.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I once saw a programme in France, where they practice the same 'sound shot' concept using shotguns..then again, the french don't seize to amaze me either.

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    Pull that sort of **** around me and i'd wrap your rifle round your head!

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