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Thread: .22 lr alternitves

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    .22 lr alternitves

    Hi all.

    I have recently got a job of controlling rabbit numbers on sportsfields at a school. The lye of the land means ricochets are a no no and as we all know the .22 lr loves to bounce.
    So I'm after an alternative.
    The options are the .17 hmr. But discounted this as noise is an issue as being a boarding school making your presence known to the students isn't great.

    Are lowered powered.22 rimfire cartridges a viable option. I've no experience of these.

    I used my .177 air rifle with night vision scope to good effect but a little more range would be an advantage so is an fac air rifle a good compromise.

    I await your wisdom.

    Admin please feel free to move this to a different catagory if needed

    Regards Pete

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    There is the wmr but no noticeable difference in "noise" to the hmr. The hmr can "bounce" too so if the desmond isnt safe then the hmr probably isnt either.
    Sounds like the air rifle (or ferrets if you have access to them) will be the way forward.
    You may have to recce the ground for warrens and lie up as close as you dare with the .177 air in prone with a bipod

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vipa View Post
    what about FAC air?
    Fac 22 would be my vote.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    I had a few rabbits at about 35 yards to 40 yards but I feel this is really pushing it with night vision and off of sticks. I have considered an fac air rifle but wouldn't know where to start. Which calibre. What foot pounds
    what make. Quite fancy a theoben.
    Would a fac air rifle give me that much more range. It would be great to sit in the centre circle of the football pitch and shoot to all four corners

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    22 Hornet or a .222 with a cast flat nose boolit. Sent at around 1000fps.

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    Dodgy rog. Now your talking but wouldn't that bounce just as much as the .22 lr. I have a hornet and reload myself and cast bullets really appeal but wouldn't it just create a .22 lr with a different name.

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    Do you already have a 22lr? If so why not go some long CB rounds, they are around 35lb which is about the same as a FAC air rifle. The CB stands for cap and ball, they would be a special order and would only really work in a bolt action used as a single shot.

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    I think fac air would fit the bill. I'm now looking to get one and it's mainly because of the lr ricochets. I'm told that with the right pellets they go to 80 yards plus

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    Morning colonel. Yes I already have a cz 22 lr and by far my weapon of choice for rabbit if only it didn't bounce so.
    I'm guessing the cb longs would have a pretty poor trajectory. I'm not wimping out and feel knowing your trajectory and using it is far better than just going for something flat shooting but with the night vision scope it is so hard to accurately range find what ever I end up using needs to be fairly flat.

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