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Thread: Hornady SST .243 Superformance

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    Hornady SST .243 Superformance

    I know there have been be similar threads regarding the SST's but its my preferred whereby im getting good repeated grouping but im really struggling to find any stock in East Sussex or the south in general. Im being told by retailers that Edgars are not shipping much into the UK (ammo in general) and couriers are now asking a premium to cart ammo around.

    On a recent business trip to Halifax a quick Google search revealed a supplier in Brighouse who had a few boxes, nice friendly guy who said he and a load of other local ammo retailers have clubbed together and pay to send a bloke in a car direct to Edgars and then distribute the ammo that way, he said it was much cheaper.

    Before much longer I'll be forced to try something different as current stock is low, i read on other threads that factory ammo of that grain should be similar so i guess I'll be experimenting soon based on others comments.

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    Try Winchester silver tips. I think they are as good as SSTs

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    Chap in Hampshire had some a while ago- Norris & Son

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    When I was using that ammo I found regular supplies at Sussex Guns in Battle and Kent Wool Growers in Handcross.

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    I just picked up some ammo for my .270 from FA Anderson in East Grinstead today, and a chap before me bought exactly what are you after.

    Worth giving them a call, they might have more in stock.

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    Thanks for all the replies, I'll make some calls in the morning

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