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Thread: Shogun Automatic?

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    Shogun Automatic?

    Hi folks Just looking for people's experiences with Mitsubishi Shoguns with automatic gearbox.
    I currently own a 55 plate Shogun 4work manual gearbox and it's been a cracking vehicle, however I'm looking to change later this year to something more recent, 2011-2012 model 197bhp, a few low mile models out there with auto box, any opinions appreciated to whether to plunge for auto or should I stick with manual?

    Thanks Dougie

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    I have an '06 Shogun automatic as my stalking/shooting/fishing vehicle. We've been really happy with it.

    No major work (touch wood!) other than the air conditioning pipes needed replacement last year. We take it up to Scotland twice a year (approx 1,500 mile round trip) and with cruise control it sits quite happily at 75 (gps, not speedo) there and back.

    Previous to the Shogun we had an old-shape LandCruiser, which broke down a couple of times because when water got into the gearbox through the oil cooler. Compared to the LandCruiser the Shogun is much more like a car to drive.
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    The auto is extreemly efficent off road as you never lose traction. I had one small issue with my one when it got stuck in low ratio after towing someone in a V12 merc up a hill in the snow but theres a reset techneque that sorted that out. Aside from that it was perfict.

    I do miss her ocasionaly as she was so compitent off road but the 25mpg did for me in the end

    But she could get me out of the village

    I dont think you can properly apreciate how steep this hill is especialy on road tyres (Perrili Scorpians)

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    We have a manual and love it.
    A friend had an Auto, to be honest others have much better auto boxes in them and don't feel like Mitsubishi have kept up.
    Having said that, never driven a new one......

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    I've just lost an '04 3.2 did auto as a Cat D. Loved the truck, intensely disliked the autobox. OnRoad, it was great. OffRoad it was ok at best, but just didn't give you the control of a manual offroad. It tended to run away in first hear too. My driveway is very steep and only about ten yards long, with a drystone wall at the bottom. No way would I trust that box to hold the truck back in the snow. The super select system is great, until the vacuum solenoids, hoses, actuator, or myriad position switches would throw a hissy fit. Then you lose 4wd. I'd have another shogun, but I'll never have another automatic
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