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Thread: Leica HD-B question

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    Leica HD-B question

    Does anyone know if the HD-B automatically takes the angle into account while it's in either hold over or clicks mode?
    Or does it have to be in angle mode? If so it's a bit of a pain as it only gives line of sight figure then.

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    It just does adjusts automatically and for atmospheric pressure, etc..

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    It only does it in "EHr" mode (equivalent horizontal range) from what I understand. But I would think EHr mode is only needed in truely mountainous conditions.

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    no it does it for the ABC setting using the chip with your data too.

    takes all the environmentals into account and applies them to YOUR ballistic data

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    I emailed leica a fews days ago. They came back today, angle is taken into account automatically in any mode.

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