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Thread: used opticron verano 8.5x50 binoculars

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    used opticron verano 8.5x50 binoculars

    for sale my opticron verano binoculars ideal stalking binoculars full rubber coating and very robust glass is mint no dust no internal fungis etc as good today as they were when I got them on them housing has handeling marks from use they are used ever time I go out so rubber has my paw prints the od mark on the rubber full speck verano bga pc oasis wp roof prism binoculars 8.5x50 bak4 prisms oasis + pcphase correction coatings full multicoated all air glass surfaces waterproof to 3 metres 30year guarantee manufactured in japan comes with rain guard soft leather case op tec neoprain camouflage neck strap ready for the hill they cost me 380pounds in 2009 so were not that cheep you will not be disappointed in the glass or how toughf they are want 110posted genuine bargain first to say they will have them gets them wife got me a new pair hence reason for sale ideal if you are new to stalking or want a good second pair thanks rob no offers 110posted signed for first class post

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    now sold to johno2486 thanks

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