Was out shopping earlier and happened across a shop with a selection of binoculars and as the Bushnell 7x50 that I have are a bit tired out thought I would have a look at some new offerings, of course I had a budget which was about 150 so having looked through a few I narrowed it down to Nikon 8x30 and Opticron 8x32.

My wife was with me and we both looked through them and we disagreed about which were better. The Nikon were 159 and the Opticron were under 100. I was surprised about the Opticron because I thought the Nikon would have been the better pair, but my eyes were not telling lies and the Opticron won for me on both brightness and clarity, with a slightly smaller objective I had to look many times comparing both. The only thing in my opinion that the Opticron lost out on was the weight, the Nikon were clearly lighter.

Eventually we left the shop with a pair of Opticron Oregon 4 LE WP 8x32 binoculars. Better than the Bushnell full size bins that they have replaced too.