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Thread: what happens when you pop your clogs

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    what happens when you pop your clogs

    No not going to the great hunting lodge in the sky but more practically what arrangements should we put in place regarding the cabinet and keys etc, I am the only key holder.

    Incidenatlly I am not planning on shipping out soon.

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    Good question ,,,,wont apply to me i will be in a bin bag by then,ps i might leave my **** to the feo that will screw him up doing the paperwork!!!!

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    Make sure that your next of kin know your wishes with regards to your most valued possessions and who your friendly RFD is (and how to contact them). Call the RFD before the police get involved. He can then break my cabinet keys out of my rigor mortised hands. That is of course if they ever find my body.

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    Make sure the Mrs knows roughley how much items are worth or your friendly RFD who you've spent many thousands of pounds with might offer 500 for the lot as a favour

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    Your family apply for a temporary permit to allow them to process the sale or transfer of your guns. That's what usually happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markfox View Post
    Make sure the Mrs knows roughley how much items are worth or your friendly RFD who you've spent many thousands of pounds with might offer 500 for the lot as a favour
    Hell NO! She is never to know that. Not before or after I am dead. I do want to Rest In Peace.
    I would rather my RFD give her the money that I told her they cost and give some money to my local clubs, or just donate my rifles to the club.

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    The NFU know what my asset are worth.
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    Boyz, I'm working on this as we speak, I saw a need for a personal service as an alternative to section 7, I'm launching soon as a RFD with the service of storage but with the added package of a letter of wishes where you lodge with my company
    you contact us with your details and wishes, we agree to act, our pack is issued to you, this has instructions of action for the executor to contact us, we collect you rifles/equipment and carry out your wishes for an agreed price, price is dependant on... distance to travel from our three UK based storage sites/amount of rifles/shotguns and equipment/actions requested

    I'm currently running pilot schemes via personal friends but because of this thread I could now extend to members on here (I have pre warned admin that I'm going trade) but I won't be rushed into this as strangely there is a lot to think about, web site to build and forms to compile, hang in there boyz keep taking the pills as I'm not quite there yet but very very close
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    I have a letter with my will explaining where the cabinet keys can be found. Shotguns are in joint names with my Son so these are sorted A family member is an RFD so disposal my rifle should be sorted.

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    The usual thing is that your next of kin, or someone on their behalf will contact the police. They will issue a temporary permit to possess the firearms (but not to use them) pending final disposal, whether that be the person nominated in the will to get them (which might involve them applying for a certificate or variation) or selling them. Shotguns are easier to deal with of course, if you know where they are going, it's just a case of transferring ownership if the recipient possesses a shotgun cert.

    How to get into the cabinet though is another matter. Some leave keys with their solicitor, some have some other arrangement to let their nearest and dearest know where they are if they pop off. To be honest, nobody knows where my keys are and I don't intend telling anyone as it will potentially compromise security. When I shuffle off, a good search might find them. Or I can look down from above and chuckle as they struggle to get into the cabinet.

    Perhaps, like warriors of old, we should be buried with our firearms. Although what the warriors had were weapons.....oh, that's a whole other thread!

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