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Thread: Pink Foot recipe

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    Pink Foot recipe

    Anyone have a nice recipe for Pinks? I shot two this evening and would like to do something with them. Last time I tried to roast them they were pretty much borderline fit for the dog. It even then he wasn't keen about it.

    So open to all idea,s


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    Pink Foot recipe

    Two ways i cook game are hot and quick, or low and slow

    Hot n quick ?,
    Pluck breast and breast out the fillets then treat as a steak and flash fry medium , and rest the meat..... To me it's reminiscent of beef
    Butterfly them if want them thinner , cooked evenly
    Or cube out and stir fry ?

    Slow n low
    Remove all the meat and dice it then slow cooker with whatever takes your fancy

    Can't advise on roasting as if limited experience with that.


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    I asked a pretty famous game chef the same question and he recommended smoking the breasts, I haven't tried it yet though


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    Hmmmm don't have a smoker sadly otherwise they would have be a winner. Last time I over roasted it and TBH it tasted so poor it nearly put me off shooting them.

    Do you brine them Sauer? I heard that can help. Saw a slow cook cider recipe which sounded nice and sweet.

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    Smoked goose is always nice but take a bit of work to get it right.
    But here are a couple of suggestions: breast the geese, then brine the meat in a brine made from;- 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of golden sugar, juice of one lemon, juice of one orange, 1 litre of water [boil all ingredient together and allow to cool] brine for 1 hour.
    Then place the breasts into an oiled baking tin with lid, cover in belly pork and roast in a slow oven until most of the fat has rendered out of the belly pork. The goose will be very tender and moist and fantastic as a Sunday dinner with all the usual trimmings.
    Second: using the same brine mix but with the addition of 1 tbsp. of chilli and 1 tablespoon of dry ginger, brine the breast cut into cubes for 1 hour, then dry and lightly oil and leave for another hour or longer in fridge, place on barbeque and cook until ready[I like my meat pink] serve with flat bread and salad.
    The brined uncooked meat can be frozen for 6 months no problem and I make my brine in 1 gallon amounts and keep in demijohns and use as much as I need, 1 lt to 1kg meat.
    One final thing, I always add 1 tsp of salt peter to every gallon, save getting nasties when I leave the brined meat in fridge for long periods of time.

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    Hi Rasputin,

    Tim Maddams does a recipe for Goose Sausages, always worth a try!

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    No I've never brined em but might try that when next get some


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    I have dozens of recipes from cold smoked to hot smoked and everything in-between.
    I find they are best treated like venison and hung correctly before breast removal, if I cannot hang them, I mince them and use in Sausage, kielabasa, or such like.
    Once hung, some breast spoil where pellets have ruptured the guts etc, but the hung product make losing one or two worth while.
    Brining most birds improves them, in fact I brine every bird barring Grouse and Grey Partridge.
    I am lucky in that nearly all the meat I eat is either shot or reared by me and we get pleanty of practice cooking it and feeding unsuspecting clients to find out their reactions!

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    Pink Foot recipe

    Found this
    Think it was Scott Rea of Scott rea project I got it from this any good for generic brine mix ? ( should be if Scotts!)
    I've heard it even improves chicken etc long do you leave meat in the brine for ?

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    I use to used my nan's one ! it was the same one we used for brent goose way back when ! .place your bird in the centre of two well made objects
    then slow cook for three hours remove from the oven throw the bird away then eat the bricks hmmmm clay bird fat roasted bricks its the only real way to eat them ?

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