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Thread: Darne Shotguns

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    Darne Shotguns

    Hi All,

    I was at a show a few days ago and these guys had a stand. I'd never heard of them before but their guns are things of beauty and the engineering is amazing.

    I'll never be able to afford a new one but I did wonder how practical they'd be in the field, has anyone used one?

    Many thanks,


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    Can't think that I've heard of them. French, I see. Most French guns of the past had a bit of a different look to English guns, so probably they were never imported to the UK before. Look quite nice though.

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    They used, too, to be popular in Ireland. An ideal walking up gun in that they are much lighter weight that a conventional side by side and yet, for walking up, that they are slower to load makes no difference. Same sort of good handling, then, as a good quality muzzle loading side by side might have had.

    They come in a wide variety of grades from all engraved to plain and claim a benefit of the feature that the cartridges fire perpendicular to and aligned with the bore rather than "at an angle" to the bore as on most every other side by side or over and under.

    On a conventional driven day, or pigeons over decoys, they would be a serious handicap and, in truth, slower IMO than even a non-ejector top lever break open side by side. They were imported into UK many years ago...that you don't see them shows how unadaptable they were to how we mostly shoot in the UK.
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    Don't know about in the field but very famous and very French.

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    I can't say that - with the extensive metalwork - I find the side-by-sides particularly attractive, but that's probably due to unfamiliarity.

    That key lever would also take some getting used to. I have enough trouble switching between shotguns with single and double triggers, so I'd doubtless be all thumbs with one of these!
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    I had a darne shotgun for a few years. Sold it two years ago. I thought I would love it. I ended up disliking it so much I sold it. There are disadvantages outweighed the advantages. I went back to Beretta silver pigeon and couldn't be happier.

    They are very light. The are a real PITA to takedown. You can pinch your hand in the lock up. They don't throw the empties like a proper ejector. For me the double trigger was the wrong length just like a Baikal double. Fire too many shots you'll warp the wood on the forend.

    My advice stay away from the sliding breach, there is a reason why they are not popular.
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    If you must go sliding breach then charlin is a better French gun imo.
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    The are a real PITA to takedown.
    I am told, by a Frenchman, that in fact you have to hold the thing by the wrist and holding it parallel to the ground strike the muzzle end of the barrels on the floor?

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    Yes I did mine on a boot or carpet with a bit of give. Seriously the most awkward procedure to do at home, let alone in some muddy raining field. Seriously stay away from them.
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    Even to get action out requires you to push a small lever under the action when it's almost open over the pistol grip and pushing the lever forward without pinching your palm. God that thing was a nightmare.
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